About this Class

 Color ain’t no faucet

You can’t turn it off and on

I say, color ain’t no faucet

You can’t turn it off and on

Tell the world who you are

Or you might as well be gone.

Michelle Cliff 

 We bear witness here to a protracted argument over the nature of the sign itself, with the black vernacular discourse proffering its critique of the sign as the difference that blackness makes within the larger political culture and its historical unconscious.

Henry Louis Gates

 We must learn to wear our names within all the noise and confusion in which we find ourselves.  They must become our masks and our shields and the containers of all those values and traditions which we learn and/or imagine as being the meaning of our familial past.

Ralph Ellison


BASICS: This class will examine the development of an African American literary tradition through the consideration of history, literary genres, and cultural forms and forums.   

Professor Lisa Guerrero 

Office:  Wilson 121

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E-mail:  laguerre@wsu.edu

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